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IFSA Donates 10-Year Battery Smoke Alarms

Recently, the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance donated 100 new First Alert 10-year battery smoke alarms to the St. Charles Fire Department for residents in need. 

State and local fire safety experts joined local lawmakers at the St. Charles Fire Department to make the public aware of Illinois' new 10-year smoke detector law. Beginning January 1, 2023, single and multi-family homes that are still using smoke alarms with removable batteries are required to install new alarms that feature 10-year sealed battery alarms. 

Don't Push Leaves into the Street

We know leaves can be annoying—rake them today and more leaves fall tomorrow—but please do not push leaves into the street. It is a violation of Ordinance 12.04.170, with a fine up to $500. Remember, during the collection process it’s highly unlikely that leaf piles will kill your grass, although they may cause it to discolor. Please have patience—it may take three to five days for leaves to be collected in your specific area.

Winterize Your Water Service

Public Works receives numerous inquiries on how to “winterize” a water service. You may need to winterize your home’s water service if your home will be vacant due to move/sale of your home, an extended vacation, or home renovations that require having the water shut off, etc.  
Here are a few suggestions to avoid frozen pipes: 
    •  Pipes MUST BE DRAINED when water is turned off for an extended period of time. 
    •  Always allow heated air to circulate around pipes and water meters. Insulate problem areas and leave cabinet doors open. 

A Note about Snow Removal

 Safe, clear streets are the goal of the city’s snow removal operations. Some friendly reminders from the Public Works Department that will help our snow removal crews get the job done:  
    •    Please do not shovel, plow, or remove snow from your driveway or private sidewalk onto the city street or sidewalk per City Code 12.04.185 – Snow Removal.  
    •    Also, please keep all refuse and recycling containers off the street to facilitate snow removal per City Code 8.24.055 – Depositing Garbage or Refuse on Another’s Property.  
Thank you for your cooperation!  

Check and Secure Your Mailbox

Before the first snowfall, the Public Works Department suggests that residents check their curbside mailboxes to be sure they are secure and stable. Please ensure your mailbox post and box are firmly anchored together, and the post is set firmly in the ground. It is possible that snow may be pushed into curbside mailboxes during normal snow removal operations, and having your mailbox and post in good repair will help to avoid damage.

Stop for Pedestrians at a Crosswalk

Illinois laws require drivers to stop and yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within a crosswalk. Now that school back in session, crosswalk safety is even important, especially around school zones. Both drivers and pedestrians must be vigilant to keep everyone safe on our streets.  

Changing the culture from motorist-focused to more pedestrian-friendly involves everyone promoting awareness of crosswalk safety. Please share the following tips with your friends, family, and children.  

Safety Tips for Drivers