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School Resource Officers

The Police/School Liaison Program is designed to allow easy access to a police officer for high school students and staff with police-related issues.

The officer is a visible, active law enforcement figure on campus, working to reduce juvenile crime by helping students formulate an awareness of rules, school safety, and justice.

The program provides a police officer as a classroom resource for instruction in the following areas:

Forensic Unit

Property Room

The property room of the Police Department has two primary functions.  One is to maintain what is called a "chain of custody" for evidence in criminal cases.  The court rules require that evidence be stored in an area not accessible to anyone but a few, authorized Police Department personnel.  Any movement of the evidence to a detective investigating the crime, or to an officer that needs it for court, etc., must be documented.  To fail to perform either of these functions could cause the evidence to be inadmissible in court.

How do I request a police report?

To request a copy of a vehicle accident report

Copies of vehicle accident reports can be obtained from the police department for a fee of $5 each (cash or check). Requests can be made by mail (provided a check accompanies the request) or in person. Before you come in to pick up a report for a very recent accident, please call first to make sure the report is available.

Identity Theft/Financial Crimes

In today’s technology age, chances are good that some of your personal information is available on the Internet. Some companies make their profits from gathering information electronically and making it available to their clients. This information is used by marketing companies, advertisers, insurance companies, attorneys and more. It is up to the “information brokers” to screen their clientele so that they do not make their service available to would-be information thieves. Sometimes, however, there is a breakdown in security measures, and the results can be devastating.