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Utilities & Payments - Frequently Asked Questions

Payment History

How Can I Request a History of Prior Year Utility Bill?

Requests must be submitted either by phone (630-377-4426) or in writing (send to City of St. Charles, 2 E. Main St., St. Charles, IL  60174) by January 30, for the previous year's Utility Bill history.

How can I see my online payment history?

You can view your online payment history when you log into your online profile with Paymentus. Only online payments made through Paymentus are available here. Payments made through the previous online system or through other payment methods will not appear in your Paymentus history.

Will I be able to view my historic payments and usage once the Paymentus system is activated?

No. If you need historic usage and payment information, please contact the Utility Billing office at 630.377.4426 or to request a printed copy of your usage and payment information.

updated Feb 23, 2018