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Project News

Update - 7/10/23

First Street Photo Things are starting to really come together on the walls for the new ramp up to the plaza from the river walk.  Several of the footings and walls have been poured and backfilled and work is continuing on the next footings and walls to the north that will transition to the new plaza space.  Utility work is conti

Update - 6/26/23

Work on the ramp from the Riverwalk to the new plaza has continued with the installation of footings to support the new walking surface and utility work for drainage of the site.  Utility work will continue this week and the walls to support the new trellis and walking surface will also be formed this week.  Foundations for the trellis structure and more underground work will continue next week and we look forward to seeing things rising out of the ground on the site soon.         

Update - 6/25/23

Anticipated construction work for the week of June 25 – July 1

Please Note: All work contingent on weather

East Side Streets

  • Fox Chase Blvd. – Concrete removals
  • Hampton Course – Concrete removals
  • Lexington Ave. – No Work
  • Lancaster Ave. – No work
  • Liberty Ave. – No work
  • Liberty Ct. – No work
  • Cranbrook Ave. – Water service installation

West Side Streets

Update - 6/14/23

Denler will be placing "No Parking" signs for this year’s Crack Fill Program on Wednesday, June 14 with work anticipated to begin on Thursday, June 15.  Denler will pick up the "No Parking" signs as they finish each street.
The crack fill is safe to drive on immediately after placement. It will take approximately six days to complete this work.

Update - 6/12/23

More good weather for construction has allowed for forward progress on the demolition of the existing switchback ramps near the Riverwalk and placement of aggregate base for the new ramp is in progress.  Underground utility work is up next and will continue for the next few weeks in conjunction with the beginning of foundations for site improvements such as the steel trellis structure and associated underground infrastructure.