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Project News

1/11/19 Update

  1. Steel is 90% up. Phase 1 is complete.
  2. Framing and roofing begin this week.
  3. The landscaper is laying erosion blankets in the offsite areas to contain the dirt from washing on the road.
  4. Gas and electric utilities expected to be complete by the end of next week.

12/28/18 Update

  1. The precast stairs are almost set and have some final detailing to do prior to being ready for concrete.
  2. Storm shelter precast is complete for both locations.
  3. The masonry mockup is complete.
  4. Steel is being erected at a good pace. Garage long span joists are planned to be up at the beginning of January.

12/03/18 Update

  1. Underground electric is being installed.
  2. The large stormwater detention pipes are being connecting to the City's stormwater detention system and the area water will start to see improvements once it’s up and running.
  3. In addition to the stormwater pipes, the above-ground basin is being dug and will add to the stormwater capacity.
  4. Precast erection continues with a much larger crane.
  5. Steel is scheduled to start the week of 12/17.

11/26/18 Update

  1. Precast erection has begun.
  2. The asphalt patching on 14th and 17th Streets is complete. 
  3. The underground plumbing (excluding the garage area) is almost complete. This will give a good head start once the building is enclosed and make for a fast floor pour.
  4. The first phase of steel is ready for erection and the second is making its way to the structural steel subcontractors shop.

11/12/18 Update

  1. With the new precast erection start date, the project is moving forward with the remaining underground plumbing at the building. This will keep us on target for steel coming at the end of December. The underground plumbing inspections are complete. So far have all passed and the detention area work is almost complete.
  2. The precast contractor is back on site to confirm/adjust the necessary embed plates which were cast in to the foundation walls. The deadmen (anchors for panel erection) for the precast are being drilled and will continue next week.

11/2/18 Update

  1. The City of St. Charles Electric team has started their work for the service coming into the property for the new building. Riley, the electrical subcontractor, and the City Electric team have been working closely to make sure we keep communication our #1 priority throughout this process.
  2. One of the two neighboring businesses (OReilly's) will have their completed drive by the end of the week of 11/12 which will mean it is closer to being fully contained within the fenced-in construction area.