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Project News

Update - 1/9/24

Work on the 1st Street Plaza continues into the winter weather months with assembly of the trellis feature, electric and technology components installation and cleaning up of the site.  While the project is substantially complete in terms of hardscape and features, the project like all others is being impacted by extended lead times on electrical and technology components which are expected in the next few months.  The project team is excited to implement these components as weather permits when they become

Update - 12/11/23

December started with some snow and cold temps but winter loosened it’s grip long enough for the team to finish up some key components of the project.  1st Street at the entrance to the parking garage was reconstructed and the crosswalk was installed allowing pedestrian traffic to utilize an newly opened walkway linking the west plaza space and S 1st Street.  Protective bollards were installed and brick paving continued right up the middle of the project giving a peek at how the entire plaza spac

Update - 11/28/23

The weather outside has been frightful but that hasn’t stopped progress on the new plaza project.  The construction team as installed the asphalt base for the brick paver pedestrian walkway and has been diligently working on brick paving on both the east and west sides of the project adjacent to the buildings.  Also, lots of landscaping has been installed and seat walls (benches) have been finished with limestone caps.  Keep an eye out for more action as November comes to a close and December begins.

Update - 11/14/23

Much progress has been made on the project over the last couple weeks and the site is coming to life.  Brick pavers, landscaping, benches, kiosks and material delivery for the trellis are all happening and contributing to the site’s progress.  Please keep in mind the area is not open to the public yet and it is an active construction site with all the dangers of a construction site. 

Update - 10/30/23

Lots of progress has been happening on the site over the last two weeks and the project is coming together nicely.  A peek through the construction fence will yield a glimpse of what is to come just down the road.  Some more fun before and after pictures for everyone to enjoy this week:


Update - 10/16/23

Anticipated construction work for the weeks of October 16 - October 30

Please note:  All work contingent on weather 

Week of October 16

Monday, 10/16/23 - Curb and sidewalk poured adjacent to the pavement replacement

Tuesday, 10/17/23 - Concrete pours in the prepared roadways sections.

Wednesday, 10/28/23 - additional pour if needed

Three days required for concrete to set-up

Week of October 23 

Monday, 10/23 - remove curb, sidewalk and pavement

Update - 10/16/23

Before and after!  Things are taking shape on the site and exciting new features are beginning to pop up all over the site.  Face brick for seat walls, planting media and some brick paver work are all highlights happening this week and next!


First Street Photo


Update - 10/6/23

Starting Monday, October 9, the contractor will begin the road restoration portion of the project which is expected to last two to three weeks.

The road restoration will include daily road closures from 7:15 am to 3:00 pm. During the off hours, only westbound traffic will be allowed on Fellows Street between S. 4th and S. 3rd Streets.

In addition, only northbound traffic will be allowed on S. 4th Street from Gray to Fellows Street.

A detour route will include the use of McKinley St, S. 3rd Street and Gray Street. 

Update - 10/03/23

A lot has been happening on the project over the last few weeks and things are starting to move quickly.  Concrete base has been installed on a large section of the new plaza and crews are working at installing curbs and more concrete base every day. 

The new retaining walls have been stained and are awaiting graffiti coating which is coming soon, and we also painted the existing fire hydrants! Keep a close eye on the plaza in the coming weeks as much of it will start to look like the final stages are getting close.