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Project News

3/29/19 Update

1. The stone at the east stair tower has started.

2. The east side window framing is underway.

3. The CMU at the evidence garage and Mechanical/Electrical Rooms area is complete.

4. The taping efforts continue on the second floor.

3/22/19 Update

1. The first floor east framing is wrapping up which will kickoff the west side next week. 

2. The west side concrete pour went well, which gets us ready for framing and MEP in wall work.

3. The detention area is almost complete. 

4. The housekeeping pads for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing contractors have been poured and will soon be ready for their equipment in the mechanical and electrical rooms.

5. Drywall is ongoing upstairs on the second floor.

3/15/19 Update

1. We are ready for the last building related concrete pour. The first floor north east slab will be poured early next week.

2. The second floor drywall is ongoing and is working its way towards the east side. Offices, the IT area, and the administration desk area are taking form.

3. The first floor wall layout has started.

4. The main staircase and specialty railings have been measured, and those pieces should be on site within the next 3-4 weeks.

5. Block walls in the detention area are going up fast.

3/8/19 Update

1. The roofing is nearly complete, with only a few small sections of the east and west sides still needing work.

2. The men's locker room on the west side of the second floor is "rocked" (drywall) with spray insulation complete.

3. The south side of the first floor-east is ready for next week's concrete pour.

4. The second floor east side is in the midst of in wall MEPs being installed and inspected.

3/1/19 Update

  1. The majority of the north side of the building has glass. Winter protection is down, making the building look completely different.
  2. In-wall mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough ins are ready for inspection on the west side.

2/22/19 Update

  1. Second floor window instalation continues.
  2. The second floor slab is completely done, the majority of the framing on the west side is complete, and door framing is also starting.
  3. The slab at the detention area (west side of the first floor) is poured. The east half of the first floor will be poured within the next few weeks.
  4. Roofing is almost complete.

2/8/19 Update

  1. The first concrete pour is complete.
  2. The masons scaffold is in place.
  3. Once the building is sealed, window framing will be put in place and the masonry and metal panel will follow.
  4. The first floor grading has started which gets the space ready for the first floor concrete pours.
  5. Installation of the interior concrete blocks is ongoing in the detention area.

Valentine's Day Throwback: St. Charles' Most Famous Historic Couple

Continuing St. Charles’ 185th Anniversary celebration, let’s look back at one of the city’s most famous couples in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Lester and Dellora Norris. The two had a love for each other and for St. Charles, which was evident through their many philanthropic deeds. Their legacy and family fortune led to contributing land or funds for the several local landmarks including Municipal Building, the Arcada, Delnor Hospital, schools, and more. Their charity foundation, carried on by their children, has helped leave their legacy alive to this day.