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Project News

2/22/19 Update

  1. Second floor window instalation continues.
  2. The second floor slab is completely done, the majority of the framing on the west side is complete, and door framing is also starting.
  3. The slab at the detention area (west side of the first floor) is poured. The east half of the first floor will be poured within the next few weeks.
  4. Roofing is almost complete.

2/8/19 Update

  1. The first concrete pour is complete.
  2. The masons scaffold is in place.
  3. Once the building is sealed, window framing will be put in place and the masonry and metal panel will follow.
  4. The first floor grading has started which gets the space ready for the first floor concrete pours.
  5. Installation of the interior concrete blocks is ongoing in the detention area.

Valentine's Day Throwback: St. Charles' Most Famous Historic Couple

Continuing St. Charles’ 185th Anniversary celebration, let’s look back at one of the city’s most famous couples in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Lester and Dellora Norris. The two had a love for each other and for St. Charles, which was evident through their many philanthropic deeds. Their legacy and family fortune led to contributing land or funds for the several local landmarks including Municipal Building, the Arcada, Delnor Hospital, schools, and more. Their charity foundation, carried on by their children, has helped leave their legacy alive to this day.

1/25/19 Update

  1. We have power and gas in the building
  2. Window frames are complete at the back of the garage.

  3. The ironworkers are holding the milestone date goals for taking over the east half of the building.

  4. The electrician, mechanical team, and plumber are moving fast with under slab work.

  5. Concrete pours will be happening in the next few days.

  6. The  framers are continuing to move along the north face of the building and should be complete with that area in the next two weeks.

Update - 01/23/19

At this time, the City has retained WBK Engineering of St. Charles to complete final engineering design, which will incorporate replacement of the water main and the sanitary sewer, as well as storm sewer improvements and roadway reconstruction. 

In 2016, the City requested information from property owners through a questionnaire.  We will be taking the questionnaire responses into consideration to the best of our ability as we move forward.  Specifically, tree removal will be avoided where possible and sidewalk improvements will not be included.

1/18/19 Update

The second phase of steel (the east side of the building) is going up as detailing continues.

Exterior framing for the north face of the building has started.

Roofing has started.