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Update - 5/31/16

Last week, CBI applied the finish coat to the exterior bowl, as well the finish coat to the interior wet and interior dry base cone. 

This week, CBI anticipates working on the exterior finish coat or interior dry finish coat, and they will be laying out the logo with tape in the near future.

Update - 5/26/16

Construction is scheduled to start the week of 5/31/16. During this week the contractor will be placing the construction signage in the project area, which includes the detour route for the road closure between Cambridge Drive and Tyler Road.  They will begin saw cutting the items to be removed, such as sidewalk, curb, driveways and pavement.  No removals are scheduled for next week.

Update - 5/26/16

The Illinois Bridge Repair project is scheduled to begin the week of May 31st.  During construction the roadway will be reduced to one lane in each direction from Riverside Avenue to First Street.    Updates for this project will be minimal as the work will be confined to one side of the bridge for a long period of time.  The next project update is anticipated when the contractor moves to the other side of the bridge and traffic pattern is changed.

Update - 5/12/16

The contractor is wrapping up the landscape planting for this project and it is anticipated that the project will be completed shortly.  Once the project is completed, the City will monitor the establishment of the plant material for project acceptance.

Update - 5/9/16

The water tower contractor has finished the abrasive blast cleaning on the interior wet surfaces and is in the process of applying the prime coat to all the interior surfaces.  The painting of the exterior has begun and the contractor has started  to apply the intermediate coat to the exterior.  Painting will continue on both the interior and/or exterior depending on the weather conditions over the next several weeks, followed by final site work, landscaping and paving work.