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Government Services Committee Meeting

03/28/2016 - 7:00pm
Combined Packet: 
Packet Items: 
PDF icon 3.a - Electric Reliability Report - Information only 85.15 KB
PDF icon 3.b - Tree Commission Minutes - Information only 126.15 KB
PDF icon 3.c - Active River Project Update - Information only 125.59 KB
PDF icon 4.a - Presentation of Options Related to Switchgear on IL Route 31 182.64 KB
PDF icon 4.b - Presentation of Public Works Green Initiatives 81.79 KB
PDF icon 4.c - Recommendation to award the Bid for Legacy Substation Civil Work and Cable Removal to Archon Construction192.25 KB
PDF icon 4.d - Recommendation to award the Bid for Electric Duct and Streetscape Elements to Intren269.31 KB
PDF icon 4.e - Recommendation to award Contract for Design and Construction Engineering Services for Phosphorus Removal Project 89.83 KB
PDF icon 4.f - Recommendation to Increase Maximum Contribution in Homeowner Sewer Assistance Policy 113 KB
PDF icon 4.g - Recommendation to approve Yard Waste Fee Increase 150.63 KB
PDF icon 4.h - Recommendation to Waive the Bid & approve Contract for the Resurfacing of S. Riverside Ave & Various PW Parking Lots 22.24 KB
PDF icon 5.a - Recommendation to approve Street & Parking Lot Closures & Use of Amplification Equipment for the 2016 Fox Valley Marathon 2.05 MB
PDF icon 5.b - Recommendation to approve a Resolution for the Closure of Main Street for the Memorial Day Parade 23.58 KB
PDF icon 5.c - Recommendation to approve Parking Lot, Street Closure & Use of Amplification Equipment for St. Charles Cruise Nights 990.56 KB
PDF icon 5.d - Recommendation to approve Street Closures for Annual Farmers Market from June through October 85.65 KB
PDF icon 5.e - Recommendation to approve Street & Parking Lot Closures & Use of Amplification Equipment for the Fine Arts Show 317.14 KB
PDF icon 5.f - Recommendation to approve the Use of City Plazas/Property and Use of Amplification Equipment for STC Live 289.72 KB
PDF icon 6.a - Recommendation to approve the Tri-City Ambulance Assoc. Budget in the capacity as lead agency for TCA 440.16 KB
PDF icon 6.b - Recommendation to approve a Resolution to Execute an agmt btw Tri-City Ambulance & Paramedic Services of IL 206.15 KB
PDF icon 6.c - Recommendation to approve Award of Contract to Foster Coach for Purchase of Ambulance Replacement for Tri-City Ambulance 67.66 KB
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